Dyana (dmb_dyanar) wrote,


i'm so glad it's spring break. i'm very excited that i did't know that it was this week so it was like and added bonus. lex loaned me the second season of felicity...yay! i remember last spring when every day (or so) we would watch the first season. poor sean...he wants julie, but julie wants tim (random boy in her human sexuality class...) it's very very sad. and now ben is gonna dump felicity after felicity had to chose between the tow of them. it's really very tragic. no wonder it go cancelled. okay, sorry. i'm so pleased with my 303 grade. i can't get over it. and i'm very excited about the pride music...since i'll never be in winds and am forced into pride...at least we'll have good music, yeah? oh yeah! anyway, i like to have breaks. unfortuately dr. klein has scheduled symphony for this weekend so we won't get to tucson until sunday night until wednesday. then tucumcari until sunday. i like it a lot. i like breaks. and the semester is really almost over. if you think about it. okay then.
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