Dyana (dmb_dyanar) wrote,

movie list

-50 first dates...not a typical adam sandler movie...so cute
-jersey girl...f-word only once. quite an accomplishmet for our kevin.
-secret window-johnny depp pplaying a crqazy writer...what do you think? it's great!
school of rock-jack black playing a substiute teacher who turns the class into his very own rock band. what do you think? it's great! (best line: you know what? i'll bet she's on crack, right kids?)
amalie: in the process of watching it right now...it's mad cute.

so this is how it went: friday i got taken to the outback...mmmm... saturday i slept in and then ran errands and junk with dan...sunday i went to church and out to lunch with some folks from there, which is always nice. the i toook a nap and watched amalie. it's a fun weekend. i love that this is a four day week, and HATE that i have stinky stinky stinky stinky stinky stinky lab next week. only two more after tomorrow..then no more physics...EVER!!!
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